Why do we god?

So what does it mean?  You might be thinking I’ve forgotten a comma and mean to say “why do we, god?”  No, I’m not asking god a question. God doesn’t exist. I’ve turned god into an all encompassing verb to describe the innumerable actions we all do in his name.  Why do we pray? Why do we pay for church? Why do we discriminate, curse, damn, kill, murder…why do we god?  

This site will not answer that question directly.  I don’t intend to delve into the psychology of why we justify our decisions by claiming we have divine sanction.  All I plan to do it poke holes in the foundation of Christianity, and you can muse on the answers yourselves.  

The Bible Burden

What better place to start than the original source?  The purpose of this project is to give a line by line critique of the bible.  I describe it as a burden because I think it is incumbent upon us (those who think religion fuels unnecessary harm) to study and understand the bible so that we are better prepared to discuss its many, many shortcomings.  It’s our collective burden.

This is how I’m going about this. I am personally reading every line, but I only write about what something if I find it particularly egregious, stupid, or if it seems to contradict what Christians are saying about a certain story or quote. If I miss something that you’d like to see me write about, let me know. For reference, I will be using “The New American Bible,” because it’s the one I happened to have.

Reading these posts is meant to equip you with the tools you’ll need to debate against a bible cherry picker. I want you to become like a beacon, relentlessly illuminating the hypocrisy until it disintegrates and the ashes blow away in the breeze…

I am taking an incredibly literal approach in my interpretations of what is written, and I do this because similarly literal understandings of the bible are responsible for the millennia of misdeeds perpetrated by its readers.  I will try to prove that we’re better off without the bible. The most secular societies have the lowest crime rates, and anything good inspired by religion is being replicated without it. It’s more interesting and more meaningful to accept that it’s just us, you and me, and it’s up to us to get it right.  There is no more cosmic safety net!

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